Every time that you head into the mountains you have to expect adverse weather conditions even if it is in the middle of summer. In 2006 a group of three of us went up to the Sierras just north of Mammoth Mountain to do a loop hike that ended up much differently than we anticipated. The plan was to hike up Bloody Canyon and go over the Kuna Crest, but we were confronted with very high winds at the upper elevations, so our ‘loop’ hike quickly turned into a one way hike from Bloody Canyon to Tuolume Meadows. Along the trail we summited Mono and Parker Pass, and camped at some absolutely breathtaking locations. This region of the Eastern Sierras is very exposed and offers dramatic scenery in almost every direction. There is also some great fishing in some of the upper lakes and streams.

LOOK FOR: This portion of the Sierras is know for lenticular clouds that are formed when high winds from the Owens Valley hit the mountains and are forced upwards. These particular lenticular clouds have been named the ‘Sierra Wave‘.

PREPARE: Before you head up to this part of the Sierras make sure to secure a Wilderness Permit with United States Forest Service, and be sure to bring a bear proof food container.