Almost every summer for the past 15 years my Dad and I have traveled up to the Sierra Nevada Mountains to hike, fish, and backpack. In 2007 my Dad, myself, and our good friend Duncan drove up Highway 395 to the town of Bridgeport where we spent one night a Twin Lakes to prepare for a 5 night backpack trip.

We were able to make a great loop hike that brought us to Barney, Arndt, and Peeler Lakes. There were a number of other smaller lakes along the way, but the three perviously mentioned were where we spent most of our time.

Our group typically hikes between 5-10 miles a day, and we will usually take one lay-day halfway through the trip. The first few days are always spent adjusting to being in the wilderness and living without: mobile phones, cars, television, and computers. By the end of the trip the only thing that I really ever really miss is good fresh food. We will eat the fish that I catch, but other than that you simply live off oatmeal and freeze-dried food.