You know you are going to have a great trip when you happen to run into a friend on a flight somewhere! I was headed to San Francisco for a job interview last year when I saw my friend Charlie on-board the flight. We headed into the city together, and caught up over breakfast burritos in the city before we parted ways.

After breakfast I was on my way to meet up with two of my close friends, Chad & Gracie. They have been living in the Bay Area for the past few years and are always nice enough to let me sleep on their couch when I’m in the area. Also, not to mention they know all the best spots in the city to see!

As this trip to San Francisco marked my fourth visit, new locations needed to be explored. We set out on foot everyday and some of the places we saw were China Town, Little Italy, Fort Mason, and Alamo Square to mention just a few.

I ended up getting the job I set out to get, so a great trip to San Francisco turned into an amazing one!

Chad & Gracie: You guys rock, and hope to see you again soon!