This was my first trip to Nicaragua and my first time to get me camera stolen in Central America. A friend let me borrow his SLR for a few days, so I was able to snap a few shots between Playa Colorado and El Gigante. This region of Nicaragua is pretty remote, so bring enough cash to last you for you stay (ATM”s are scarce). If the surf goes flat take the 2 hour taxi ride to San Juan del Sur, where you can fish during the day and check out the beach-clubs by night.

DO: If you are flying to Nicaragua there is a good chance you with travel with Taca Airlines. They will try and charge you $125 per board-bag each way, so an easy way to avoid this charge is to tell the airline you are traveling with ‘kiteboards’ NOT ”surfboards’.

EAT: A must is Chele Pamado’s. Dave, the owner, makes an mean pulled-pork sandwich as well as some of the best swordfish tacos I have ever come across.

SURF: Nicaragua is riddled with surf breaks and the wind blows offshore year-round making it a top surf destination. The only hard part about surfing in Nicaragua is getting to the surf. The roads are terrible and most breaks are only accessible by boat.