Although we only hiked a small section of the John Muir Trail we got a feel of what it would be like to hike the entire thing. The John Muir Trail runs from Yosemite Valley to Whitney Portal and is 210 miles long. A group of three of us camped at Onion Valley the evening before hiking up Kearsarge Pass to acclimate our bodies to the increased elevation. After a fairly easy first day our group spent a night next to Kearsarge Lakes to rest up and prepare for Glen Pass the following day where we would link up with the John Muir Trail. Glen Pass sits just below 12,000 feet and is one of the higher passes along the John Muir Trail. After summiting Glen Pass we followed a series of switchbacks that took us past tarns and snowfields and eventually down to Rae Lakes where we spent another evening relaxing and fishing. From Rae Lakes we took a fairly unused trail up to 60 Lakes Basin where we would spend a few days fishing, swimmimg, and just hanging out. To our surprise all of the fish in the 60 Lakes Basin lake had been killed off, so that a native frog species could have a chance to reestablish its native habitat.

DO: Definitely go swimming after a long day of hiking, but be warned that the water is freezing. Make sure that it is nice and hot out so that you can warm back up, so not risk becoming hypothermic.

BEARS: There are bear boxes in Onion Valley and next to Kearsarge Lakes, but you will need a bear proof container when camping anywhere else along the trail.