This Amsterdam trip was especially entertaining because I was traveling with a friend that had never been outside of the United States. I had a great time messing with him. We decided to sample some of the local cannabis – legally, of course – at a cafe called The Bulldog, which is right next to the Red-Light District. Soon after this I mistook someone else’s apple tea for my own, spent about €50 on snacks, and got hopelessly lost in Vondelpark .

STAY: The Flying Pig Hostel is the place you want to stay. Definitely book ahead, as they are always full.

DON’T: Do not worry if you think you are lost in Vondelpark. You will eventually make it out.

DO: Spend an afternoon learning all about Heineken at the Heineken Experience. Be nice to you guide, and there is a good chance he/she will let you have as many Heinekens as you please at the end of the tour.