The stretch of the Colorado River that I have come to know is between Laughlin and Lake Martinez. My friends and I have made countless ‘river runs’ over the past 12 years, and there are more planned for the near future! There are three major holidays that are the best for going to the Colorado River and they are Memorial Day, the Forth of July, and Labor Day. If you do end up at the river during the one of these holidays there will be hundreds of other people doing the same thing. If you don’t not like crowds then your best bet is to go mid-week during the the spring and summer seasons.

CHECK-OUT: My favorite place on the Colorado River is Lake Martinez and Fisher’s Landing. It is out of the way and has a rustic/red-neck charm to it. There is almost always smooth water, and there are a few fun cliff jumps.

PARTY: Lake Havasu is the place you want to go if your just want to party. There are large clubs (i.e. Kokomo’s), boat parties at Copper Canyon, and all day parties at the London Bridge Channel. These parties usually only happen on the busy holiday weekends and spring-break.