This region of the Sierras has amazing views, and the hiking is not terribly demanding. My Dad, our friend Duncan, and I spent 5 days backpacking through the region of the Sierras that encompasses: Horseshoe Meadows, Cottonwood Pass, New Army Pass, Golden Trout Wilderness, and Mount Langley. We had perfect late summer weather the entire trip up until the last day when a mild low-pressure system moved in.

RULE: Okay, so when you are backpacking up in the Sierras there is an understood rule that you are not to camp within a few hundred yards of another person’s campsite.

TRUE STORY: Our small group decided to setup camp on the eastern side of New Army Pass. After we got our tents situated we decided to go fishing at some of the upper lakes for a few hours before dark. When we were returning from fishing it started  to rain, and to make thing worse when we arrived at our campsite there were 15 tents setup right next to us. We soon found out all the tents belonged to Boy Scouts, and that they would not be leaving anytime soon. So, we decided to breakdown camp and hike out to the car. The Boy Scouts definitely did not want to follow one of the very simple rules of backpacking in the Sierras.