I was headed back to Australia for the second time and I got in touch with a few friends that were living and working in Margaret River, Western Australia. They invited me to fly over and meet them for the road trip back to Sydney. How could I say no. The VW Bus, or ‘Combi’ as it is called in Australia was named Margaret, and she was gonna to take us the 4,000 km across the whole of Australia. Our faithful little 1973 combi only cost $600A, while the fuel to get us acroos would cost $900A. We had had a few mishaps, but what great road trip doesn’t.

DO: Definitely check out the vineyards of Margaret River, and if you have the time do a wine tasting. Redgate Wines in the Southern half of the regions is phenomenal. Another must see is Rottnest Island, which is a short ferry ride outside of Fremantle. Be prepared with camping gear, and the enthusiasm to hop on a push-bike because there are no cars allow on the island.

SEE: The famous surf town of Torquay where the Rip Curl Pro / Bells Beach Surfing competition is held every April. Also, take your time driving through the Great Ocean Road section of the journey as you will see breath-taking sights such at the 12 Apostles just outside of Port Campbell National Park.

STAY: The best way to really experience the great Australian Outback from Margaret River to Sydney is to stay in tents at the caravan parks along the way. You can pull over a lot of places and sleep in your van or camp along side the road, but be prepared for the local police to ask you to move along or fine you.

TIPS: If you pull into the caravan parks in the evening and leave early enough you can usually avoid paying the camping fee. Bring lots of water and food. There is a lack of places to get supplies along the Nullabor, and when you do find a place it can be really expensive. Fuel up at every station because there the distances between stations are enormous.