When spending any amount of time in Provence, France, there are a few questions that always come up: Have you biked Mont Ventoux? Or, when will you bike Mont Ventoux?

Mont Ventoux is a nonstop uphill battle to the top. The road is unforgiving, but worth every inch because the views of the surrounding mountains, and out to the Mediterranean Sea are priceless!

My friend Sophia and I had been working together in Europe for 5 months, and we had always talked of doing Ventoux, so when we finally found ourselves with both having a day free there was no doubt that we were going up!

Along the way we ran into some other friends from Backroads, and we all had one amazing day of riding!

Post-ride pizza & beers were a must. There is a great little place at the base of the mountain that knows all too well the needs of bikers after biking Mont Ventoux.

TIP: If attempting to climb Mont Ventoux for a first time remember to pace yourself, use that low gear, take in the views, and before you know it you will be on top. Enjoy!