When you get to the Czech Republic make sure to get out of Prague and go exploring, there is a lot going on in this very diverse Central European country.

Central Europe, and in particularly the Czech Republic offers some great options for both road biking and mountain biking.

It was late last summer when my friend Jakub invited me to come along with him to the Northern Czech Republic to explore some new rides, and see a different part of his home country. We headed to a town called Cesky Lipa where his family operates and owns a butcher shop. I got to learn first-hand a little bit about what it takes to run a butcher shop in the Czech Republic by attempting to make sausages, observing all of the employees working, and answering questions on how to make a ‘real’ American style hamburger. The house is located just above the butcher shop & family restaurant, so you really get a feel of what its like to live and work in Cesky Lipa.

The best part of the trip was attending his Dad’s 62nd ‘birthday, which was celebrated in a Greek theme. The whole family had a great time and I even managed to learn a few new Czech words after having a few pivos (Czech for Beer).

We did some great single-track rides up near the Czech/German/Polish border, as well as some incredible rides in-and-around Cesky Lipa.

A huge thanks to Jakub and his family for the true Czech hospitality!