During the first weekend of October at Two HarborsSanta Catalina Island, means only one thing, and that is BUCCANEER DAYS! Buccaneer Days consists of 100’s of boats sailing to Catalina Island for a three day event where people dress up like pirates, drink rum, and sail. We sailed out on Shenanigans, which is my friend Jon’s boat. I had never sailed before, so I wasn’t much help, but everyone aboard got a kick out of how sea-sick I got. Make sure to get out to the island early because the buoys are allocated on a first-come first-served basis, and the harbor will fill up. Also, make sure to bring as much pirate gear as possible. The more you get into the spirt of Buccaneer Days the more fun you will have.

SEA-SICKNESS: I have literally tried everything to cure my sea-sickness, and the only thing I have found that works is pure/raw ginger. Take one ginger tablet the evening before you go sailing and one every 6 hours during the trip, and you should be fine.

GET THERE: The Catalina Express Ferry is a fast and cheap way to get to the Island if you don’t have your own boat.