I have been going to Baja California, Mexico, ever since I was a a kid because it is such a short drive fron San Diego, California. The most recent trip down south was with a group of Australian friends that were in town visiting. We loaded up the truck and headed down to my favorite campsite, which is La Fonda a.k.a. K-58’s. There are showers and restrooms there, but otherwise the campsite is pretty rustic.

EAT: Definitely bring some snacks and breakfast makings, but for lunch and dinner there are a lot of great local restaurants and taco-stands in the area that are well worth checking out.. If you are like seafood then definitely go to the Ensenada Harbor Fish Market. They have an amazing variety of seafood and fish, which can easily be cooked on the camp BBQ.

DRINK: When you are in Ensenada make sure to stop into HUSSONG’S any enjoy one of their amazing margaritas.

TIP: Bring a lot of $1USD notes. These can be used to pay for toll-road, tacos, tequila shots, fireworks, ect. U.S. Dollars are widely accepted in Mexico and the exchange rate is roughly 10×1. The trick is to carry small denomination bills because a lot of the restaurants and street-vendors do not have change for the larger bills (i.e. $50’s and $100’s).