If you have ever been a traveller or backpacker on the East Coast of Australia there is a good chance you spent at least a few days in Cairns. Cairns is a major hub in Northeastern Queensland and has so many beautiful places to see and fun activities to do you may go crazy trying to see and do them all. I have been lucky enough to visit the regional city on three separate occasions, and each time I have seen and done as much as possible. Some of the sports and activities the region is famous for are: scuba diving, bungee jumping, hiking, and whitewater rafting. If you have the time take a short trip just to the north of Cairns and spend a few days in the laid-back town of Port Douglas.  On the way to Port Douglas there is a great place to stop and hike called Mossman Gorge, which is a part of Daintree National Park.

TRUE STORY: In 2006 two friends and I happened to be in Northeastern Queensland when Cyclone Larry ripped through the town of Innisfail leaving a trail of destruction that reached up to Cairns and Port Douglas. We were staying at Calypso Backpackers when the cyclone made landfall and had to help secure outdoor furniture and umbrellas at the hostel. We were advised to stay inside for the night, but we decided to take our chances and head to the local pub, The Woolshed. On the way home our taxi had to dodge trees that were laying in the middle of the road as-well-as deal with rain that was coming in horizontally and winds up to 60 mph!