Over the long Thanksgiving weekend a friend and I decided to mountain bike the Gabrielino Trail on the Angeles Crest in Los Angeles County. We decide to disregard all of the “CLOSED TRAIL” signage, and based our decisions on internet posts prior to the Station Fire in 2009. We did think it was a bit strange that there was no other bikers in the parking lot. About an hour into the ride we discovered why there was no one else with bikes. The trail had been destroyed by fire and floods in previous years, and had not been used since.

DON’T: Do not take a mountain bike on this trail. If you do, be prepared to carry it for a large part of the distance.

DO: Bring an emergency kit with at least a lighter and space blanket. Start early in the morning with lots of sunlight because the trail disappears and you will eventually get trapped above a 100′ waterfall, which leaves you with no option but to hike back to the top.

TIPS: The trail literally disappears so bring a GPS. If you do get stuck in the canyon for the the night (happened to us) build a bivouac out of surrounding bushes and tree limbs to stay warm.