A few years back I was on the tarmac in Singapore and remember looking out the window and seeing a Air Seychelles jet. I was instantly curious where the hell the Seychelles where. So when a friend and I did an around-the-world trip we decided to stop by, and were pleasantly surprised.

DO: Make sure you have accommodation and exit tickets, or immigration will not let you enter the country. Make sure to bring £, $, or € because the locals do not like accepting the local Seychelles Rupees from foreigners. If you play dumb they may eventually feel bad for you and accept it. Wear pants to the casino.

DON’T: Exchange money at the airport from some guy in a truck, or you may find yourself with a fistful of useless Seychelles Rupees; this is referred to as the “dark market” not the “black market.” Then whatever you do don’t take this money you cannot spend and quadruple it at the casino because you just have more cash you can’t spend. Lastly do not walk home after winning copious amounts of rupees because the locals that are drunk on coconut wine will try to follow you. If this does happen hide in a ditch and wait for them to pass.

EAT: The local seafood is hands down amazing. African spices mixed with Indian style curry. Yum.