When people think about the Outback of Australia they typically think about Ayers Rock and Alice Springs, but there are a lot of other beautiful spots to explore and Kings Canyon is one of them. Kings Canyon is about a 300km drive from Alice Springs and is very remote. Kings Canyon is a small section of Watarrka National Park, and greatly reminded me of the Canyonlands in the Southwestern regions of the United States. During our time at Watarrka National Park we statyed at Kings Canyon Resort, which had great network of trails adjacent to the resort property.

There are established hiking tracks all around Kings Canyon that highlight the regions beauty, and allow vistors to get close up to the flora and fauna of this unique desert region.

EAT: After hiking all day go and try some emu or kangaroo sausages at the Outback BBQ and Grill.

TRUE STORY: I thought it would be fun to see how long it would take for a postcard to get from Kings Canyon to the East Coast of Australia, so I did just that. When I dropped the postcard in the mail at hotel I was told it would probably be faster to take it with us on the drive back to Alice Springs and to mail it there, but there was no fun in that. So, after dropping the card in the mail it ended up taking about a month for it to get from the center of Australia to its final destination in Byron Bay, Australia, which is a great example of how remote Kings Canyon really is.  (F.Y.I. postcards will generally take 7-10 days to travel from Sydney to California)