I have been to Fiji twice, and both times it has been a free stopover allowed by the airlines. Fiji is one of the biggest South Pacific island and has a lot going on. The surfing and diving is world class, but Fiji is also a great place if you just want to work on your bronze and sip on some cocktails.

DO: Go to a local Kava drinking ritual with the locals. It is an unforgettable experience. Have 4-5 cups and feel as your face and neck slowly go numb.

DON’T: Do not drink the Fiji Bitter Beer. It is quite possibly one of the worst beers on the planet, and when it get warm in under 3 minutes  from the intense Fijian sun it becomes unbearable.

STAY: Mango Bay Backpackers is first rate, and they will even pick you up from the airport. Make sure you pickup a bottle at the duty free when you depart you flight because drinking at Mango bay is not very cheap.