Our Vietnamese Visas were about to expire and we had to be back in Bangkok in a week for a flight, so we had no choice but to get the night bus to Vientiane. We didn’t know much about the bus system there, but we quickly found out that if you were a tourist you got placed in the back of the bus with the: produce, sweaty locals, smokers, and livestock. There was some visa issues at the Laotian boarder, but after 24 hours we arrived at our destination.

DO: Spend the extra few dollars and get a room with A/C. Also, burn any clothing from a 24 hour bus ride and just purchase new clothes. Definitely rent push-bikes (roughly 1USD per day).

DON’T: Be warned of the local MEKHONG whiskey. It can seriously effect when you wake up the next day, which means less time to explore.

TIP: Before embarking on a long bus journey check to see if you will be next to large amounts of onion.