Big Bear is a short drive from Los Angeles and San Diego, so a few friends and I decided to head up to the mountains for a few days of snowboarding. The first few days were perfect warm days, where you could snowboard in a tee shirt, but by the end a huge storm came through that dumped more the two feet of fresh pow pow!

TRUE STORY: During lunch on the second day of our trip (February 7, 2013) we started to see 5-6 helicopters circling above Bear Mountain. Then 30-40 unmarked vehicles arrived in the parking lot next to us that belonged to FBI and other law enforcement officials. Shortly after this the mountain was evacuated and we were forced to leave. We later learned that the Cop-Killer Fugitive, Christopher Dorner, was on the loose in the area. For the rest of the trip Big Bear seemed to be on ‘lock-down’ even though there was perfect snow conditions.

APRES SKI: Forget doing drinks and food at the mountain when you finish riding. Head over to Murray’s Saloon for $1 beers, cheap food, karaoke, lobster fishing, pool, and The Murray’s Angels.