Although I had been to Hawaii many times this time I had a great excuse to visit again. Two of my close friends were getting married on Oahu, and I couldn’t miss the occasion.

When my Mom caught wind that I was headed to the islands she wanted to come along as well, so after some planning we were off.

The wedding was right on Sunset Beach, so we decided it was best to stay in the country town of Haleiwa, which is the perfect place to escape the hoards of tourists, and enjoy great food.

The wedding was fabulous. Some of my closest Australian friends were in attendance, so after the ceremony one Mai Tai lead to another and everyone was having a great time!

Before and after the wedding, days were filled with surfing, hiking, and having fun! Unreal Hawaii is a great site to search for hikes and activities on the island.

EAT: If you do make it to Oahu make sure to stop by the Kahuku Superette on the Kamehameha Hwy. Best Ahi Poke on the island by far. Enjoy.