At a glance the Goat Canyon Trestle that is located in the Carrizo Gorge Wilderness would appear to be somewhere in Colorado or Utah, but it is actually located in the far Eastern portion of San Diego County. There are a few different approaches to the trestle via foot or mountain bike. The path our group chose started right next to a nudist colony called the DeAnza Springs Resort. From there it was a 8 mile hike in each direction along an abandoned train track that took us through numerous train tunnels (some as long as a 1/2 mile in length). The hike was like stepping back in time because the track hasn’t been in use since 1976, and there were old train cars that have been left to rust and railroad equipment that had not been touched in years. On the hike back we spotted an illegal alien, which was fairly uneventful because he walked past us and we just continued hiking back to the trailhead.

DO: If you decide to take the route that we did I would recommend mountain biking it instead of hiking it because the trail was perfect for a bike.