The Utah State slogan is “Life Elevated.”

In my free time for the past month and a half I set out to see what this “Elevated Life” was all about…

Here are some experiences from my time in the Beehive State:

National Parks, Forests, Deserts, Hiking, Cycling, Sunrises, Trail-runs, Snowboarding, Sugar House, Peaks, Snow, Bad Utah Drivers, Ultimate Frisbee, Big Horn Sheep, Deer, Chipmunks, Ducks, Lava Tubes, Petrified Sand Dunes, Local Beers, Cinco de Mayo, The Narrows, Thirsty Thursdays, #Warehouselife, Hail, Lots of Coffee, BBQ’s, Movies, Angels Landing, Fairyland Loop Trail, Communal Dinners, Driving Vans, Sleeping on Couches, Sleeping Under the Stars, Sunsets, Dressing up like 80 Year Old’s for an 80’s themed Bowling Night, Hiking in the Dark, Mexican Food, Hitchhiking, Friends, Friends, and more Friends!!!