Being from San Diego, California, and not being able to speak Spanish is pretty ridiculous because we border Mexico, and our population is roughly 30% Hispanic. So, this winter I took it upon myself to learn as much Spanish as possible while I was not working, so that I could better communicate with Spanish speakers at home and abroad.

After some research and a recommendation from a friend (Thanks ALEX!) I was off to live with a family in the coastal town of Montañita, Ecuador, for a month.

Montañita is a vibrant little town full of people from all over the world. The school I attended is called Montañita Spanish School, and they are the ones that helped me to set up my home-stay with the wonderful, amazing, kind Borbor Family. The Borbor’s are a corner stone of the local community and are involved in local politics and numerous different businesses. The 4 weeks flew by, and my Spanish got gradually better with my daily classes at the language school, and with the everyday help of my host-family. A big hug to all in the Borbor family! Can’t wait to visit again!

I embraced the opportunity to practice my Spanish everyday even outside of my home and classroom. Being surrounded by Spanish speakers was great! I would talk to local street-vendors, other surfers in the water, and just about anyone that would listen to me. Also, I found that it was a lot of fun to practice speaking Spanish out loud to the cats & dogs that lived on the beach.