Jesse and I were scared away from the Seychelles by the prices, so we decided (without much hesitation) that Mauritius would be our next destination on our around-the-world trip. When we landed we took a cab straight to Tamarin Bay where we stayed for the next 2.5 weeks.

DO: Definitely rent a car. It is relatively cheap and allows you to see the island on your on schedule.

STAY: We stayed at Jacques’ Place in Tamarin Bay for the duration of our stay. The owner, Jacque, would give us rides to town, rented us a car, threw a party for us, and would even cooked. For 17USD a night it doesn’t get much better!

SURF: There are a few spots on the island to surf, but the best wave by far is Tamarin Bay. Check out the movie Forgotten Island of Santosha if you go.