We arrived in Venice tired, hungover, and had no accommodation. I would also like to mention that the cheapest accommodation we could find in the city was €300/night. We were considering sleeping in a church as a last resort. Luckily, Rob had a connection there and he was able to get a hold of his old friend Yakapult that let us crash on his floor for a few days. He took us to an insane euro-rave in the industrial area of Venice and made us some incredible mushroom risotto.

DO: Set off for the day with no map. I have never been happier to be lost in my life. You just wander the beautiful old lane-ways and canals for hours, and eventually end up where you started.

EAT: The Venetians make this olive oil that is infused with chilli that is to be drizzled on pizza. Perfection!

BRING: You are going to want to see the Piazza San Marco where thousands of pigeons live and hang about. Remember to bring old bread or chips to feed all the birds.