If headed to Morocco make sure you do your research because we didn’t. The plan was to meet my friend, Randy, at the Casablanca Airport, rent a car, and head south to find surf. We did just that but it was a comedy of errors, and quite a bit of time driving in circles. But, sometimes that is exactly what makes a trip so fun!

In just over 3 weeks Randy and I drove about 5,000 km’s, and had some pretty off-the-wall experiences such as: getting rear-ended and leaving the scene of the accident, seeing goats getting slaughtered outside of our hotel room, and enduring a 32 hour ferry ride to Barcelona.

Also, met some great people along the way. My mate, Kyal, snapped some pretty amazing Morocco pics as well. Seen here.

TIP: Rent a car (especially if you plan to surf). With a few people the car rental is exceedingly cheap, and much more convenient than the local transit options.