My Education

After graduating from Granite Hills High School in June 2000, San Diego State University was the next logical choice for myself. The Communication Department at San Diego State University is internationally recognized, and allowed me to stay close to my family and friends.

While at San Diego State University I had the opportunity to embark on two separate study abroad programs. The first was a semester abroad at Griffith University in Australia, and the second was an intensive German language course in Germany. These two programs exposed me to new ideologies and mindsets that still to this day allow me to approach obstacles and challenges in a way different to others that have not had international educational experiences.

After receiving a Bachelors of Arts in Communications at S.D.S.U. in 2005 I decided to take some time to travel and work. After four years of traveling, working, and living abroad I decided it was time to further my formal education. Bond University located on the Gold Coast of Australia was my first choice because of its international reach and their unique practical methodology. In February 2011 I received a Master of Communication with a emphasis in Public Relations from Bond University.

Bond University Campus

BOND UNIVERSITY; Queensland, Australia. Master of Communication with an Emphasis in Public Relations. Completed February 2011


SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY; California, United States. Bachelors of Arts in Communications / Minor in Sociology / Foreign Language German. Completed in August 2005

University Heidelberg Campus

UNIVERSITY OF HEIDELBERG; Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Intensive German Language Course. Completed August 2004

Griffith University Campus

GRIFFITH UNIVERSITY; Queensland, Australia. International Study Abroad Program. Completed in November 2002