It was that time of year again to get a little bit older, so some friends and I decided to head north in search of deep powder, funny accents, and French fires covered with gravy and cheese (poutine) to celebrate. As we crossed into this foreign land known as Canada we quickly discovered that the Canadians are not so fond of their southern neighbors. We ending up spending about two hours in the Canadian immigration office being thoroughly questioned as of why we were entering their country. (This could have been because some of the members of our group had a ‘history’ with the law). We eventually made it through immigration only to discover that we were driving into a weather system called the Pineapple Express, which means the temperatures are too warm to snow.

So, the first day was a bit wet on the mountain at the lower elevations, but it was snowing in the alpine regions. This meant that sunday was shaping up to be a great snow day, and oh was it!

We heard from quite a few locals that there are only about 10 days a year like what we experienced on Sunday (i.e. perfect clear skies [bluebird] and 2-3 feet of fresh snow on the entire mountain). Also, the sunday snow report stated, “the powder on the entire mountain is neck deep on a giraffe!”

GOING OUT: There is generally a cover charge at all the bars/clubs after 9p.m., so head out early to get stamps that will allow you to come and go as you please without any charge. Also, Whister Village is renowned for its après ski. So, stop into Longhorns Saloon for a few beers after a long day on the mountain to ease the aches and pains.

WATCH: The was so much snow that some crazy skier did a backflip off a 100 foot cliff called Air Jordan and rode away unharmed.