Everyone knows about the Great Barrier Reef, but there is a lot more going on up in Northern Queensland than a whole bunch of fish and coral. It doesn’t matter what you do if you visit because you are going to love this region of Australia. Rent a car, take a bus, or just hitchhike – just explore the entire region from the Whitsundays up to Cape Tribulation.

DO: Cairns is the main hub you will travel through if you are headed up north, so spend a few days and check the town out. For a huge night out go to the Woolshed, and to get rid of your hangover head over to AJ Hackett’s Unlimited Bungee.

BRING: If you are flying into Cairns from outside of Australia make sure to stock-up at the duty-free. You are probably going to have some big nights out, so the duty-free is a great way to pre-drink and save some cash.