When your mom tells you that she has a pen pal of 25 years that lives in Paris, and loves to speak English you make an effort to go see this individual! Her name is Annie and she lives right down the street from the Louis Blanc Metro Station. Annie was kind enough to let my friend Randy and I stay at her house for a few days while we explored Paris.

In my opinion the best way to see this city is to just wander about, and when you do eventually get too tired from walking just take the Metro home.

Randy and I strolled past the Louvre and l’ Arche de Triomphe en route to the Eiffel tour one evening. We decided to walk up the 1,500+ steps, and then take the mandatory final elevator to the top. This way up the Eiffel tower not only allows you to get a bit of exercise, but it also allows you to appreciate the city of Paris as you ascend the nearly 125-year-old tower.

There is almost too much to see and do in Paris, so I recommend picking a few attractions and taking the time to really enjoy them instead of rushing about. There will always be more time on your next trip!