The Philippines was the first stop on a 7 month around-the-world trip. My friend, Jesse, and I spent 3 weeks bouncing around from island to island, but probably spent the most time on Siargoa Island because of the surf. A highlight was going to a cockfight for my 25th birthday. It was complete chaos (at least to the untrained eye), beers cost 25¢, and I even won $5.

GO: If you are up in Manila for a few days make sure to stop by the Hobbit House.

DRINK: The local rum is called is called Tanduay, and has been know to affect ones ability to remember what happened the previous evening.

STAY: When you get to Cloud 9 you will be able to find cheap accommodation. We spend $4 each per-night. If you book ahead there is a good chance you will be over paying.