I will just start out by saying that Poland is a great place for a road trip. When you get outside of Warsaw and Kraków there is just so much to see. Don’t get me wrong, Warsaw and Kraków are amazing places as well, but there is a lot more to Poland than just the major cities.

My friend that I studied with in Germany said I was always welcome in Poland if I ever made it out his way, so near the end of my around-the-world trip I decided to visit. We spent 15 days driving from the Baltic Sea to the Slovakian boarder.

DO: Go to a concentration camp when you are there. It is a strong, sobering experience, but it is a piece of history that you must see. The largest Death Camp in Poland is Auschwitz.

GO: Make sure to visit the town of Zakapone, which sits up in the Tatra Mountains. Stunning views.