I always get really happy when I think about Spain. There is something special about the Spanish people, culture, food, and just about everything else that is Spanish.

This past summer I had was lucky enough to visit Spain once again, and had the opportunity to visit some of the best people I know. My friends Sheila and Marianne once again put me up at the amazing flat in the middle of Madrid, which has the best views of the city and is walking distance to everything.

Sheila and I had a trip planned to the Basque Country because she had some time off from work, and has some really good friends that live in the beautiful town of Eibar, which is situated half way between San Sebastian and Bilbao. Plus, the weather was perfect for the beach!

My good Chilean friend, Tomas, also was in Spain, so he met up with us for the Basque Country Road Trip. It could not have been better timing.

Our time there was amazing and I didn’t want it to end.

We danced Flamenco, surfed, sipped on cañas, ate tapas, went out late, laid on the beach, brunched, made new friends, and had way too much fun!

Sheila & Marianne, thank you again for this amazing Spanish hospitality, and I can’t wait to see you again! Besos