I flew down from Germany for the beginning of San Fermin in 2005. I met up with 2 friends from San Diego that were doing a trip around the world. We partied all night and Ran with the Bulls on the second morning of the event. San Fermin was probably the biggest adrenaline rush I have ever experienced, and it is free!

TIPS: Wear all white, and buy a red scarf when you get there. Look for people at the train station renting rooms out in their homes (should be about €40 per-night). Pack Light, and just stay for a few days. If you can’t find a place to sleep just sleep in the park with the hundreds of other San Fermin attendees.You can lock any valuables up in the lockers at the bus station.

*All of these picture were taking from the official San Fermin website. I had no camera with me on this trip because it was stolen just days before in Berlin.