During a 7 week road trip through South Africa a friend and I decide to stop into Mossel Bay and hop on a shark cage dive tour. We didn’t realize we would be visiting Seal Island. Yes, the same one out of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. We were not left disappointed as we got up close and personal to 5 separate great whites ranging in size from 3-5 meters.The low point of the day for me was throwing up in the cage and being asked to get out. I guess the guides do not like it when one customers sick is getting all over everyone else.

DO: Show up to Mossel Bay the night before because the tour leaves very early in the morning. Check out the seafood restaurants on the main street.

DON’T: Do not drink heavily the night before in Mossel Bay. If you do, then try the Black Label Beer. But be warned no amount of seasickness medicine will save you for puking all day. I felt like a seasick seal (if that is possible).

TIPS: Take lots of raw finger the evening before and morning of the tour, and this should help with seasickness. Bring a underwater camera.