Slovenia had always intrigued me mainly because my Aunt, Eva, is from Ljubljana and I had always heard while growing up about how beautiful the country is. And to back that up some Slovenian friends from the University of Heidelberg would always tell me I had to visit because it is the best place in Europe. So this past fall I decided it was finally time to visit!

The train down from Austria was like something out of a dream as the Julian Alps slipped by outside the train windows. When arriving in Ljubljana I didn’t know what to expect, but I did know that there was a former Yugoslavian Military Base just near the train station called Metelkova Mesto. So, I headed straight there and found accommodation at a hostel that was a former prison. This part of the city is filled with live music and a thriving art scene, and the best part is that it is a bit outside of the touristy parts of town.

SMALL WORLD: It turned out that some friends I met on a flight from Las Vegas to San Diego lived in Ljubljana. They happily invited me to their apartment and showed me the side of the city that only locals know. Thanks guys!

EAT: Stop by Hot Horse to try a Horse Burger. A bit different, but very good!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) in Slovenia? Sure!

After being in the city for a few days I needed to get some fresh air so I headed to Lake Bled, which is easily one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe. Upon arriving I discovered that for €10 it was possible to rent a paddle board for a few hours. The water was cold, but as long as you didn’t fall in everything was okay.

Slovenia: Thanks for the amazing time!