Some people argue that the worst time of year to visit Scandinavia is the winter, but I beg to differ. I had an open invite to come up and go snowboarding with a few Norwegian friends that I made while in Australia. So when I had to decide between Norway and the Alps the decision was easy, and of course it was Norway. The mountains weren’t as big as in the Alps, but the culture more than made up for that.

LISTEN: Check out the Norwegian Punk Band Turbonegro.

EAT: Eat as the locals do and try the reindeer. I tried it barbequed and smoked, both delicious.

DRINK: The Norwegians take their aprés ski very seriously, so if you are invited you better go!

DO: If you are in Norway for a few weeks try some of the smaller ski centers, such as Hovden. Also, Alcohol is very expensive in Norway, so make sure to bring a few bottles as house warming gifts. I snuck in 4 liters of Vodka from Germany, and they worked out great as gifts. (Norwegian Customs only allows you to bring 1 liter into Norway)