My friend Jon and I landed in Seattle with 24 hours to kill before we were being picked up to head north to Canada. Due to the fact that we were trying to travel on a budget we decided to not book any accommodation ahead of time. Instead we were going to rely on an app called Hotel Tonight that allows you to search for rooms in your vicinity anytime after 12 p.m. of that day. We ended finding a 4 star hotel for $80 right in the middle of Downtown Seattle. Such a steal! After getting checked-in we were off to places such as: Belltown, Pikes Place Market, and Capitol Hill. A few of the great places we stumbled upon were Shorty’s, Cha Cha Lounge, Little Uncle, and Unicorn. My favorite place that we found would have to have been Cha Cha Lounge because of the tacky decor, karaoke, photo-booth, ridiculously cheap drink prices, and the theater sized screen that played 1950’s Pin-Up Doll Films.

DO: A fun way to spend a few hours is to wonder around Pikes Place Market where they sell just about everything from lobster tails to ninja-stars. There are also a lot of free samples of the local foods such as: raspberry honey, smaked salmon, and raspberry vinegar. 

CHECKOUT: Bike Polo is huge in the Northwest, so if you get a chance you should definitely check a game out.