It was my first trip to the South of France and all I knew about the area was that there was good wine and better waves. My Friend, Jon, was in Biarritz and got me to head up for a few days from San Sebastian.  The plan was to travel north to Anglet and camp for a week, but as luck had it there was no waves, so we spent a few days just checking out Biarritz and relaxing on the beach.

DO: The best picnic of your life will involve bread, cheese, meat, vino, and Biarritz. Grab everything you need for your meal and head down to the beach to watch the sunset over the Bay of Biscay.

STAY: Biarritz is a zoo in the summer, so try and book ahead if you can. If you cannot reserve a spot before you arrive there are usually people at the train or bus station that will rent you a room in their home for fairly cheap.