When you are home for a week between South America and going to work in Utah there would be no better way to spend your time than going sailing for a friend’s birthday.

My friend Brandon was turning the BIG 30, so a group of 5 of us headed up to Marina Del Rey, California, to hop on Jon’s boat, Shenanigans.

Shenanigans has spent her fair share of time on the open-seas and reeks of class and character. She sits at 30 feet long and sleeps about 5 people, so with that being said quarters are pretty tight on-board.

The decision to do a night-sail over to Avalon (Catalina Island) was made while we were stuck in Friday evening rush-hour traffic in Los Angles. We started the sail at midnight and arrived in Avalon Harbour in time for sunrise. I have absolutely no sea legs, so was pretty much worthless on the sail over. But Brandon and Jon were at the helm to insure we arrived alive.

The weekend was spent free-diving, relaxing, exploring on the RED DEVIL (our dinghy), and sipping on rum in between.

When the time came to leave no one wanted to go, but all good things must come to an end, so we set sail and were on our way back to the mainland.