Six of my friends from Sydney, Australia, were headed to Sri Lanka, so I decide to hop on the trip. It wasn’t exactly on the way home to Los Angeles, but it’s hard to pass up a $500 flight ticket! Sri Lanka is an amazing location, and did not disappoint. Hope you enjoy the pictures! July 2012

DO: Go diving in Tricomalee or “Trinco” as the locals call it. Dive with ancient Hindu temples that have fallen off of the cliff after the tsunami in 2004. Also, do not miss the ancient Dutch Fort of Galle. Just wander the streets and imagine what it would have been like living there 400 years ago.

STAY: We flew by the seat of our pants and let our drivers recommend places to stay, or would simply look for a places when we arrived to our destination. There was never any issues with finding a great place to stay because tourism is still so underdeveloped in Sri Lanka due to the civil war that recently ended, and the tsunami in 2004.  Fernando’s Place in Trinco was great! Their hospitality was next to none and they have a first rate dive center. They even let us hop behind the bar and make some pineapple caprioskas!

TIPS: Travel light because you will be taking lot of buses and trains. Luggage storage at the airport is amazing and so cheap. When traveling to the more remote regions be sure to bring plenty of rupees strictly because there is a serious lack of ATM’s.