WOW! Where to start…

The Backroads Staff Ride 2014 held in California’s Wine County was hands-down the best week I have ever had on a bike!

What the 4 night / 5 Day trip was made up of was:

300 of your best friends hanging out and biking together, glamping, camping, hotels, Tomales Bay Oysters, Champagne at 10am, Redwoods, Jacuzzis, flat tires, jokes, pranks, coffee, pizza, biking across the Golden Gate Bridge, waking up early & staying up late, singing, dancing, CupCake pops, a masquerade ball, amazing outfits, a mechanical bull, tasty BBQ, line-dancing, cold showers, Bodega Bay, tents, keg stands, music, long options, short options, wine tasting, mashed potato martinis, vineyards, van support, farms, getting lost, pools, making new friends, eating Canadian mapleleaf cookies, a big panda, Penske trucks, Mt. Tam, and lastly never wanting it all to end.

Lots of love to the entire Backroads crew, let’s do this again next year!