In a time when it is so easy to get from place-to-place by air travel it is sometimes nice to slow the pace down and make the journey the main purpose of the trip. Trains are by far the best way to really see a country and relax while doing so. My parents came to visit me in Australia, and one of the main adventures that we all wanted to experience was to cross the Great Australian Outback by rail. So, after a bit of research we discovered a beautiful train called The Ghan that would take us from Darwin to Alice Springs, where we would then rent a vehicle and explore on our own.

The Ghan Train is operated by Great Southern Rail and travels from Darwin clear down to Adelaide. It is ranked by The Society of International Railway Travelers as being one of the top 25 trains in the world that is still in operation.

Everything about the trip was phenomenal! There ended up being extra space on the train, so I was able to get my own sleeping compartment where I could watch the outback passby in total luxury. The entire trip took about 24 hours with a few stops in Tennant Creek and Katherine Gorge.