Prague! Amazing! I know I say this about a lot of places, but seriously I love this place. There are red-roofed buildings that are 100’s of years old, open-air markets, teahouses, parks, beer gardens, and museums.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to live in the Czech Republic for 3 months last year. Which meant every chance I had I would venture into the beautiful capital city of Prague.

On a few occasions I had met up with some friends from Australia, and we explored the cobblestone streets of the ancient city together.

And if you are looking for a fun night out on the town (or in this case a night out on the river) look no further than Boat Party Prague. My friend Amy and I happened across this boat party. We met the founder of Prague Boat Party, and he gave us discounted tickets and offered us some cold Czech beers as we stepped on board for an evening filled with fun on the Vltava River. Thanks again Janez!