As anyone knows when you are traveling and you have a chance to meet up with friends, or friends of friends you make sure you do! So with that being said my friend Randy and I were traveling through Spain last fall and we were headed to Madrid. I knew that my close friends Chad and Gracie had lived in Spain’s Capital for a few years, and made some amazing friends during their time there. So, after a few emails were sent between Chad and myself I was put in touch with two of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met.

Chad told us to meet up with his friends Marianne and Sheila. Marianne owns two restaurants: La Gringa & Carmencita. And Sheila helps Marianne run the show. The two are best friends, and create a dream team that runs and operates two of the best restaurants in Madrid! Randy and I had been on the road for a few months and were craving some comfort food, which is exactly what Marianne’s establishments specialize in. F.Y.I Marianne’s restaurants were the first in Madrid to serve brunch.

Marianne and Sheila opened their home up to us, and treated us like family. We got to see and experience Madrid as the locals do. We met their friends and got to see to all the bars, clubs, and restaurants that the other tourists would never step foot in.

The only sour point of our time in Madrid was when we tried to go skydiving, and were stopped by safety advisories triggered due to extremely high winds.

Thanks again girls!!!