Once again Joe had an incredible idea for a hike that made driving 16 hours well worth it (Big thanks to Rob & Jesse for driving). This trip to Yosemite we would hike to the ‘Diving Board‘ which is the rock face sitting just next to Half Dome that drops 3,500’ down to the valley floor.  We took a cross-country route which allowed all of us to get a new perspective of the Yosemite Valley.

When reaching our final destination for lunch Joe informed us that we were sitting exactly where Ansel Adams sat to capture his iconic image ‘Monolith.’ Impressive.

If you are searching for a hike that really puts you in your place and inspires a true sense of AWE, then I would recommend this hike. This location allows you to get away from the crowds plus you get up close and personal with the infamous rock face of Half Dome.

Its hard to capture what is like to be up at the Diving Board with words or images, but I hope that these pictures give you a feeling of what it would be like to be there with us on that brisk Fall day.

DO: Book a campsite well in advance. We did not and were forced to stay in hotels in the town of Oakhurst, which is not a bad option, but camping is definitely much more ideal.

*Images courtesy of Rob Overstreet, Jesse Felten, and Joey Cassidy