I cannot tell you how many times I have been to Las Vegas because all the trips kind of just blur together. My hometown, San Diego, is just a 45 minute flight from Sin City so it is hard to find excuses not to go. My favorite thing to do in Las Vegas is to check out the pools that are open in Summer and Spring. Some of the best pools are Tao Beach, Rehab, and Marquee Day Club. Another must while in Vegas is to see “The Strip” from the Air.

STAY: I would highly recommend looking on Las Vegas hotel websites prior to leaving because you can find amazing deals. I have paid as little as $40 per night at places such as The Imperial Palace (now called The Quad) and The Hard Rock.

FLY: Check out Spirit Air for really cheap flights. Last time I flew to Las Vegas it was only $67 for a round-trip ticket.