After 30 hours on a ferry from Tangiers my friend Randy and I were ready to be in Barcelona. It was my third visit to one of Spain’s most culturally diverse cities, and it was Randy’s first, so I was playing a bit of a tour guide.

We booked into to a place named Kabul Hostel that is located just off Las Rambles (one of the most famous streets in Barcelona for restaurants and shops) to save a bit of cash, and we soon found out it was ranked as one of Europe’s top ‘party’ hostels. Needless to say we did not get much sleep during our time in Barcelona due to the fact that the Spaniards really know how to enjoy the weekends, and typically do not go to sleep until the sun is coming up. And, on top of this the hostel pumped continual music in their bar, and fellow dorm-mates would stumble into our shared room at all hours rendering it impossible to ever really fall asleep.

We spent our days down on the beaches, or biking thru the city streets on rented bikes. We even managed to find a place that rented SUP’s (Stand Up Paddle Boards), so we were able to go for a paddle on the Mediterranean.

Our only regret was arriving too late in the day to venture inside Gaudi’s Sangrada de la Familia, but then there will always be next time for that!